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The Show

Soni Irabor Live, SIL is a one hour interactive T.V talk show. It features one to three guests per episode and encourages viewer participation through SMS's and e-mails. It takes a look at issues bordering on politics, economy, education, entertainment, society, science and technology, etc. An average of 1000 SMS's and 500 e-mails are received during and after each edition of the show, making it Nigeria's most interactive talk show and the show with the highest feedback rate. The show's viewership cuts across age, gender, class, religion and status, and since it is beamed to other parts of the world via satellite, it also crosses geo-political and racial barriers.


African Independent Television (AIT)
Tuesday (live) on AIT Local & International, 1330Hrs GMT, 2.30pm Nigerian Time
Tuesday (Re-run) on DSTV (WA Bouquette), 1800Hrs GMT, 7.30pm Nigerian Time
Wednesday (Re-run) AIT Local Channel 0400HrsGMT, 05.00am Nigerian Time
Friday (Live) on AIT Local & Int. 1330Hrs GMT, 2.30pm Nigerian Time
Friday (Re-run) on DSTV (WA Bouquette) 1800Hrs GMT, 7.30pm Nigerian Time
Friday (Re-run) on AIT Local & Int. 0300hrs GMT, 3.00am Nigerian Time

Nigerian Television Authority
Wednesday (Live) NTA Plus (NETWORK) 2230hs GMT, 11.30pm Nigerian time

Galaxy Television
Thursday (Re-run) 2200hrs gmt, 9.00pm Nig Time

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